About Kakao Friends

Meet Kakao Friends

The Kakao Friends: Lovable characters with lifelike personalities
There are a total of eight Kakao Friends: Ryan, Muzi, Con, Apeach,
Frodo, Neo, Tube and Jay-G, each with a distinctive style and personality.
The Kakao Friends are not ordinary, two-dimensional characters.
Nobody is perfect, and the Kakao Friends are no exception. They all
have dreams and fears, strengths and weaknesses, just like us humans.
It is the lively personalities of the Kakao Friends that make them
To make people of all ages and from all walks of life popular.

We hope you find something in the Kakao Friends,
that reminds you of yourself or someone you love!


The lovable lion

RYAN, the newest member of the Kakao Friends, is a male lion born without a mane. This broad and powerful lion has the heart of a lamb, which is one reason why the Kakao Friends quickly adopted him as their loyal leader. Ryan was ready to take the throne as ruler of Doong Doong Island, but he decided that royal status on the island was not right for him. The other Kakao Friends claim that they would be lost without Ryan's wisdom and guidance.


A mischievous, silly fruit

APEACH is a genetically modified female peach who left the orchard to seek adventure.
This playful and wild creature is not afraid to show its back, which might remind you of something other than a peach.


The scared duck with an angry alter ego

TUBE, is a fearful and emotional duck who is distantly related to the Ugly Duckling. Tube wears prosthetic flippers to hide his tiny feet - a sensitive subject for the duck. You might not like Tube when he's angry. When excited or scared, Tube turns into the green and massive Angry Tube: an alter ego known for breathing fire and destroying furniture.


The camouflaged radish

MUZI, This playful, childlike creature looks like a rabbit, but is actually a Korean yellow radish in disguise! Charm comes easily to Muzi as long as it wears its rabbit costume.


MUZI's mysterious companion

CON, who vaguely resembles a tiny crocodile, is the most mysterious of Kakao's friends. It is rumored that Con magically brought Muzi to life, which explains why the two are always together.


The fashion-conscious cat

NEO, with a penchant for narcissism, is the most fashionable of the Cocoa friends. She is never fully dressed without her pearls and especially her signature bob hairstyle. Aside from shopping, her top priority is her beloved friend FRODO.


The chic city dog

FRODO is an ambitious city dog ​​from a wealthy family. Frodo is always on the ball, thanks to NEO, his demanding girlfriend. Together, Frodo and Neo are the power couple of the Kakao Friends.


A stylish secret agent from the underworld

JAY-G, the mole, has left his underground home to pursue a career as a secret agent! He takes great care of his style: tuxedo, sunglasses and well-groomed hair. He is passionate about hip-hop, especially his celebrity namesake, Jay-Z. His always cool appearance is meant to hide the fact that he is actually a sensitive mole who needs a lot of love and attention.

The Kakao Friends have not only won hearts in South Korea, but now also in Germany. These lovable characters with their lifelike personalities are more than just a sensation - they have become real companions in many people's everyday lives. Each of the eight friends - Ryan, Muzi, Con, Apeach, Frodo, Neo, Tube, and Jay-G - brings their own unique story that makes them more than just a character. They are symbols of friendship, courage, self-acceptance, and the infinite variety of human emotions.

Arrival in Germany: A new wave of K-Culture

With the arrival of the Kakao Friends in Germany, a new chapter opens for fans of Korean culture. They bring a touch of K-Culture into our everyday lives and allow us to be part of a worldwide community that shares values ​​such as friendship, empathy and self-love. In Germany, the Kakao Friends have quickly found a loyal fan base, from K-pop fans to lovers of cute and inspiring character designs.

Unique personalities who inspire and connect

The Kakao Friends are characterized by their deep personalities, which everyone learns to love in their own way:

- Ryan, the strong, silent guy, shows that true leadership lies in humility and strength.

- Muzi, always full of energy, encourages us to discover the world with childlike curiosity and joy.

- Con may be small, but he is proof that there is a giant inside each of us, ready to face our fears.

- Apeach teaches us that it's okay to step out of line and embrace our true identity.

- Frodo and Neo, the dream couple, show that love knows no boundaries and differences enrich.

- Tube, the gentle giant, hides a strength that inspires us to face our own fears with courage.

- Jay-G, the mysterious and cool, reminds us the importance of loyalty and coolness under pressure.

Your friends, your stories

Having arrived in Germany, the Kakao Friends have not only adorned shelves and desks, but have also captured people's hearts. They offer comfort, bring joy and remind us that it's okay to be perfectly imperfect. With every Kakao Friend you choose, you're not just bringing a character into your home, but a friend who reminds you of your dreams, fears and the endless possibilities that life offers.

We hope that the Kakao Friends will also be a source of joy, inspiration and comfort in Germany. May everyone who has a Kakao Friend with them find a mirror of their soul in them and be reminded of the power of friendship, love and courage.

The Kakao Friends are here to stay and we are thrilled to be part of their journey. Immerse yourself in their world, find your soulmate among them and discover what makes them so special. Welcome, Kakao Friends, to Germany!